The Iconic Stories of Kämp
The Hotel and it's city

Since 1887, Hotel Kämp has had the privilege of witnessing Helsinki grow into the capital of the Nordics and Finland becoming an independent and unique nation. This year, Hotel Kämp celebrates its 135th anniversary. Kämp's heart holds countless stories of meaningful encounters, memorable parties, heartfelt moments - there may even be a few secrets, whispered in the shadows of the hotel's walls.

The historic hotel has seen and experienced a lot, while lovely guests, warm service and timeless luxury have remained authentic to this day. We warmly welcome you to celebrate the journey of Hotel Kämp so far. How would you write the next chapters of Hotel Kämp’s story, as the heart of Helsinki’s finest moments?

Historian Laura Kolbe has written a wonderful book about the hotel, Kämp: Hotel and its city (2015). In honor of Hotel Kämp’s 135th anniversary, the most exciting stories from the book have been selected and published for everyone to see: click the year below and dive into the best stories of Hotel Kämp’s history.